Monday, May 2, 2011

Back from Vacation

So, I am finally done with my two college classes for this year and made really great grades. My average in Physics is a 99.67. I seriously surprised myself in that class. I am not sure what my grade is psychology is yet, but I am pretty sure it is an A as well. I am going to take a mini course, which starts the 11th of this month and lasts 3 weeks. After that, one online class in the summer. Yikes! so much to do after that! Anyway, I forgot to mention last video that we were going on vacation. My dad and boyfriend fished in a Bass tournament, my mom and I got to go with them! So many deer! It was so fun! On the way back, we stopped at a lake and they let us fish some too! I caught 3 Bass; I have never caught a bass before (don't get me wrong, I have fished in salt-water before, but we just started fishing fresh-water. My first bass weighed 2.11 lbs! Yay for little fishies! Anyway, we are back now, and boy did I miss my crafty corner and youtube! (no wifi in our rooms where we were staying D:) lol.


  1. Fishing is a blast and very soothing to the soul and of course the catch is yummy for the tummy!
    Beautiful blog Jewel and you are so pretty, just like your voice.

  2. Aw thanks Sybil! That is so sweet of you! And yes, fishing is AWESOMER!