Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Whoa Youtube

Okay! So it has been a while since I have uploaded a video. Main reasons why: preparing for wedding, school, work, emergencies, and the main reason is the headache behind trying to edit my videos! Omg! Turns out Canon is not a very user friendly brand when it comes to editing. Doesn't work with Windows Movie Maker among many other editing softwares. Anyways, I finally decided to make a video and sweet talked my sister into letting me use her Mac. Mac's editing software has no issues dealing with Canon's videos (maybe Santa will bring me a Mac, hehe) ANYWAYS, now that you know why I've been MIA... YOUTUBE???!!! WTH??? So Youtube has changed so much. I miss the old youtube where you weren't tied in with a google account. Can you say confusing much? Does anyone else share my pain? Yeesh. I mean don't get me wrong. I appreciate that Google and Youtube have partnered up and send money out to the youtubers who have enough views/subbies. Still... they could make it a little more user friendly. I don't want a google+ account, I don't want multiple accounts. I just want my one and only channel that I created. Ugh! On a happier note, my new video is uploaded now! Yay! It is a steampunk tag created using the steampunk paper by G45. Love that paper, you guys! Go over to my youtube and check out my video :] See pictures below! Thanks!

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